Holistic Green Washing Up Liquid Concentrate


Holistic Green Ecological Hand Dishwashing Liquid. Safe to use on all materials.  One 2×5 litre pack of concentrate will provide over 1300 in use solutions in a typical 15 litre sink.  The product is also available in a pack of 6×1 litre bottles.

€14.95 incl. VAT per 5 litre


What is Ecolabel?

The European Ecolabel is a recognised accreditation awarded to products of the highest environmental and performance status. The Ecolabel encourages companies to become more sustainable and produce products that are highly environmental throughout their whole life-cycle. Every aspect from the raw materials used to manufacture the product, right through to disposal of the product, are monitored. Environmental impact is measured at each stage of the products life-cycle.

To be awarded with Ecolabel status, products must be put through rigorous testing and assessment to demonstrate that they are as effective as non eco friendly products. Each product is assessed under numerous criteria and compiled into individual product dossiers. All results are evaluated and verified by an independent body.

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