• Blitz Super

    Effective graffiti removing solution for aerosol, paint and felt tip markers.
    • Removes metallic paint and felt tip marker from most types of surface including brick and masonry.
    • Low odour for operator safety and comfort.
    • Economical – low rate of evaporation leading to low product loss.
    • Non – chlorinated, providing a safe, environmentally responsible product.
    • High flash point for safety.
    €95.00 incl. VAT per 5 litre
  • Suitable for both porous and non porous surfaces including granite, slate, sandstone, brick, wood and non organic paint.
    • Removes shadowing left in substrate after graffiti removal.
    €55 incl. VAT per 5 litre
  • For use on non porous surfaces.
    • Removes pen ink, spray paint and other graffiti from smooth, colourfast surfaces and is suitable for many different surfaces.
    • Safe, convenient, fast acting and easy to use.
    • Non toxic, non hazardous and non flammable.
    • Does not contain aromatic or chlorinated solvents.
    • Economical
    €15 incl. VAT per tub of 50 sheets