Baywest Green Washrooms

Going green is no longer simply about using recycled products; it is tied into the ethics of corporate and social responsibility. Being ‘green’ is about using products that create a healthy living and enhance the working environment. Through considered purchasing and concerted communication, going green can add significant value to the workplace experience.

Green products consider all aspects of their production process including their origin, manufacture, usage and waste disposal. Green products consider the energy efficiency of the manufacturing plants making them, the volume of natural resources used, the emissions created and the packaging used to transport them. Being recycled is simply no longer enough.

Are Bay West products ‘green products’?
Bay West have become the first UK ‘away from home’ brand to provide a range of accredited
environmentally preferred washroom products. By attaining the EU Ecolabel
(see opposite) every part of the manufacturing process – from raw paper pulp to the finished product – was analysed to ensure it met stringent green guidelines.This means that Bay West products are officially ‘green washroom’ products.

Do you have a Green Washroom?
Over a year, a busy washroom consumes a vast quantity of paper products. Whilst recycled paper
products and improved dispenser designs have gone some way to creating a greener environment, this is still not enough for a washroom to be truly green.

Baywest Green Washrooms

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